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Age : 30
Location : Kladno
Job/hobbies : Student VŠFS, účetní
Nej kniha : Temeraire, HP, LOTR, Twilight, Bartimeus....
Registration date : 29. 10. 08

PříspěvekPředmět: TWILIGHT SCRIPT   Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:54 pm

Vlastně je to kompletní přepis filmu, najdete tady hodně hlášek, ktéré jste nepochytili ve filmu, nebo jim nerozumeli. Myslim, že to nebude nutné překládat, protože každý správný Twilighter zná film nazpaměť. Takže tady to máte, nevim, jestli to sem stihnu dát dneska celý, so patience Smile


(How I would die by Carter Burwell)
I never thought about how I would die, but dyeing in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix id miss the heat; I would miss my loving erratic hair brain mother and her new husband.
(Edward eats deer)
“Come on you guys I love you both but we have a plane to catch” Phil said.
But they want to go on the road so I’m going to spend some time with my dad and this will be a good thing. . . I think. In the state of Washington under a near constant cover of clouds and rain there is a small town named forks, population three thousand one hundred and twenty people. This is where I’m moving. My dad is Charlie; he’s the chief of police.
(The Black Ghosts - Full Moon plays)
“Your hair is longer” Charlie said.
“Cut it science last time I saw you” Bella said
“Oh guess it grew out again” Charlie said.
(Pull up at house)
I used to spend two weeks here almost every summer but it’s been years.
“Cleared some shelves out in the bathroom” Charlie said.
“Oh right one bathroom” Bella said.
(In room)
“Its pretty good work lamp, sales lady picked out the bed stuff, you like purple right?” Charlie asked
“Purples cool” Bella said.
“Okay” Charlie said
(Walks out of room)
One of the best things about Charlie is he doesn’t hover.
(Honk honk, Bella looks out window)
“Bella you remember Billy Black?” Charlie asked
“Yeah, hay your looking good.” Bella said.
“Yeah, I’m still dancing, I’m glade your finally here, Charlie here hasn’t shut up about it since he told me you were coming” Billy said.
(Charlie rolls eyes, Jacob smiles)
“Alright keep extorting, ill roll you into the mud” Charlie said
(Bella laughs)
“Not if I ram you in the ankles” Billy said.
“Yeah bring it” Charlie said.
“Hi I’m Jacob” Jacob said
“Yeah” Bella said
“We used to make mud pies” Jacob said
“No, I remember Are they always like this?” Bella asked
(Jacob laughs)
“Its getting worse with old age” Jacob said.
“So what do you think?” Charlie asked
“Of what?” Bella asked
“Your home Cumming present” Charlie said
“This?” Bella asked
“Just bought it off of Billy here” Charlie said
“Yep” Billy said.
“I totally rebuilt the engine” Jacob said
“Oh come on, oh my gosh, this is perfect are you got to be joking” Bella asked
(Hits Jacob with door)
“I told you she would love it, I’m down with the kids” Billy said
“Oh yeah dude, you’re the bomb” Charlie said
“Okay you got to double pump the clutch with the shift, but besides that you should be good” Jacob said
“This one?” Bella asked
“Yeah that one right there” Jacob said
“All right” Bella said
(Starts car)
“Want a ride to school or something?” Bella asked
“Oh I go to school on the reservation” Jacob said
“Oh right, that’s to bad it would have been nice to at least know one person” Bella said
(Pulls into school)
My first day at a new school its march in the middle of the semester, great.
“Nice ride” Tyler said.
“Thanks” Bella said
(Looking at paper)
“Your Isabella Swan, the new girl, hi I’m Eric the eyes and ears of this place anything you need, tour guide, lunch date, a shoulder to cry on” Eric said
“I’m kind of the more introit silent type” Bella said
“Good headline for the feature, I’m on the paper and your news baby front page” Eric said
“No I’m not, please don’t have any sort of . . .” Bella said
“Wow, chillax, no feature, Cool?” Eric asked
(In gym playing volleyball, Bella hits mike in the head with Volleyball)
“Wow” Mike said
“Sorry I told them not to let me play” Bella said
“No, its, your Isabella right?” Mike asked
“Bella’ Bella said
“Yeah, hay I’m Mike Newton, yeah” Mike said
(Shakes Bella’s hand, Jessica comes in)
“She’s got a great spike huh? I’m Jessica by the way, hay your from Arizona right?” Jessica asked
“Yeah” Bella said
“Aren’t people from Arizona supposed to be like really tan?” Jessica asked
“Yeah maybe that’s why they kicked me out” Bella said
(Mike ad Jessica laughs)
“You’re good” Mike said
“That’s so funny” Jessica said
(Lunch, Mike pulls chair for Bella)
“Hay Mike-y you met my home girl Bella” Eric said
“Oh your home girl, yeah” Mike said
“My girl” Tyler said
(Kisses Bella on check pulls chair from Mike, Mike chases after him into hall)
“Oh my God, their like first grades all over again you’re the shiny new toy” Jessica said
“Smile” Angela said
(Angela takes picture of her)
“Okay” Bella said
“Sorry I just needed a candidate for the feature” Angela said
“The feature is dead Angela, don’t bring it up again” Eric said
“Its okay I just. . .” Bella said
“I got your back baby” Eric said
“I guess we will just run another editorial on teen drinking” Angela said
“You know you could always go for eating disorders, Speedo padding on the swim team” Bella said
“Actually that’s a good one” Angela said
“Right, that’s exactly what I was thought” Jessica said
“Were talking Olympic sized” Angela said
(See Rosily and Emmet walking who are they by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“There so skinny it would make scene” Jessica said
“Totally” Angela said
(See Alice and Jasper walking)
“Who are they?” Bella asked
“”The Cullen’s” Angela said
“There Dr and Mrs. Cullen’s foster kids, they moved here from all the way down from Alaska like a few years ago” Jessica said
“They kind of keep to them selves” Angela said
“Yeah because there all together, like together, together, the blonde girl that’s Rosily and the big dark hair guy Emmet there like a thing, I’m not even sure if that’s legal” Jessica said
“Jessica there not actually related” Angela said
“Yeah but they live together it wired” Jessica said
“Okay and the little dark haired girl she’s Alice, and she’s really wired and she’s with jasper the one that always looks like he is in pain, Dr Cullen is like this foster dad slash match maker” Jessica said
(Jasper twirls Alice)
“Maybe hell adopted me” Angela said
“Who’s he?” Bella asked
(Edward comes)
“That’s Edward Cullen, totally gouges obviously, but apparently no one here is good enough for him, like I care, you know so yeah, seriously like don’t waste your time” Jessica said.
(Edward smiles, Edward sits wit Cullen kids)
“Wasn’t planning on it” Bella said
(Bella looks at Edward, Edward looks at Bella)
“Mr. Molina” Mike said
“Hay Mike, oh yes Miss. Swan, hi can I have the test, thank you, your in your class, here is your stuff, okay, I got a seat for you here, last one, strong one just for you, we are observing the behavior of ballerina A.K.A ballet work Okay what were going to do . . .” Mr. Molina said
(Looks at Edward, walks in front of fan, Edward plugs nose, sits beside Edward, Edward pushes glass thing to Bella, Edward unplugs nose smells armpit, Bella looks at Edward, Edward looks back, Edward stares at her all class, Edward leaves, Bell rings, in office Treaty by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“There must be something open, Physics, bio chemistry please” Edward said
“No every class is full, just a minute dear, I’m afraid you’ll just have to stay in biology” Random old lady said
“Fine, ill just have to endure it” Edward said
(Walks by Bella slams door, Bella leaves, at restaurant)
“I just can’t get over how grown up you are, and so gouges” waitress said
“Hay Bella, you remember me? I played Santa one year” Whalen said
“Yeah Whelan she hasn’t had a Christmas here science she was four” Charlie said
“I bet I made an impression thought” Whelan said
“You always do” Charlie said
“But crack Santa” Bella said
(All laugh)
“Kids love those little bottles though” Whelan
“All right let the girl eat her garden burger Whelan, as soon as your done ill bring you your favorite, berry cobbler remember?, your dad still has it, every Thursday” waitress said
“Thank you, this is great” Bella said
(Both reach for ketchup, Charlie gives it to Bella)
“You got it” Charlie said
“Yep” Bella said
(At home, Bella on phone with mom)
“Hay baby so listing if spring training goes well, we could be moving to Florida” Rene said
“Please insert a dollar twenty five for an additional three minutes” Machine said
“Mom where is you cell?” Bella asked
“Okay don’t laugh, I didn’t loose my power cord it ran away, screaming, I’m littoral repelled technology now” Rene said
(Bella laughs)
“I miss you” Bella said
“Oh baby I miss you too, but tell me more about your school, what are the kids like? Are there any cute guys? Are they being nice to you? ” Rene asked
“Well, there all very welcoming” Bella said
“Uh oh, tell me all about it” Rene said.
“It doesn’t even matter” Bella said
“Yes it dose honey” Rene said
“I have home work to do, ill talk to you later” Bella said
“Ok I love you” Rene said
“Love you to” Bella said
(Eyes on fire by blue foundation starts playing, Bella thinks back to Edward)
I planed to confront him and demand to know what his problem was, but he never showed
(See Emmet in truck riding to school, stares at Bella)
“Bella” Tyler said.
(Throws liquorish at her, Bella shows them book)
And the next day, another no show, more days past, thing were getting a little strange.
(See security guard running James Victoria Laurent eat him, Bella walks out of home falls)
“You all right?” Charlie asked
“Yeah I’m good, ice don’t really help the uncoordinated” Bella said
“Yeah, that’s why I got some new tires put on the truck, old ones were getting pretty bulled” Charlie said
“Well ill probably be late for dinner, I got to head down to Mason County security guard got killed by some sort of animal” Charlie said
“An animal?” Bella asked
“Your not in Phoenix any more Bells, any way figured I could lend a hand” Charlie said
“Be carful” Bella said
“Always am” Charlie said
“And thanks for the ties” Bella said
“Yep” Charlie said
(Bella gets in car, drives, in school)
“prom committee chick thing I got to over it for the paper any way, and they need a guy to help choose the music, so I need your playlist, hay, listing, I was wondering do you have a date to . . .” Eric said
“Sup Arizona who you liking the rain girl? you better get used to it girl” Mike asked
(Shakes hot over Bella head)
“Yeah, Mike, hay, your real cute” Eric said
“Oh no that . . .” mike said
(Looks at Edward)
“Hello, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce my self last week, I’m Edward Cullen, your Bella” Edward said
“Yes” Bella said
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Poèet pøíspìvkù : 607
Age : 30
Location : Kladno
Job/hobbies : Student VŠFS, účetní
Nej kniha : Temeraire, HP, LOTR, Twilight, Bartimeus....
Registration date : 29. 10. 08

PříspěvekPředmět: Re: TWILIGHT SCRIPT   Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:57 pm


“Onion roots them self, that’s what’s on your slates right now okay so, brake and label them in the phases of mitoses, and the first partners to get it right will win the golden onion” Mr. Molina said
(Class boos him)
“Ladies first” Edward said
(Passes microscope to Bella)
“You were gone” Bella said
“Yeah I was out of town for a couple of days, personal reasons” Edward said
(Edward smiles)
“Preface” Bella said
“Do you mind if I look? Its preface” Edward asked
“Like I said” Bella said
“So are you enjoying the rain?” Edward asked
(Bella laughs)
“You’re asking me about the weather” Bella said
“Yeah I guess I am” Edward said
“I don’t really like the rain, any cold wet thing I don’t really . . .” Bella said
(Edward laughs)
“What” Bella Asked
“Nothing, its anaphase” Edward said
“You mind if I check?” Bella asked
“Sure” Edward said
“Its anaphase” Bella said
“Like I said” Edward said
“If you hate the cold and the rain so much then why did you move to the wettest place in the continual U.S?” Edward asked
“It’s complicated” Bella said
(Phascination phase by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“I’m sure I can keep up” Edward said
“My mom remarried” Bella said
“So you don’t like the guy?” Edward said
“No, that’s not . . . Phil is really nice” Bella said
(Edward eyes change color)
“Its metaphase you want to check it?” Edward asked
“I believe you” Bella said
(Walking through hall, Bella has golden onion)
“Why didn’t you move with you mother and Phil?” Edward asked
“Well, Phil is minor league baseball player, and he travels allot, my mom stayed home with me but I new it made her unhappy, so I figured I would stay with my dad for while” Bella said
“And now you are unhappy? Edward asked
“No” Bella said
“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure you out, your very difficult for me to read” Edward said
“Hay did you get context?” Bella asked
“No” Edward said
“Your eyes were black, when I saw you and there golden brown” Bella said
“Yeah I know, it’s the fluorescents got to go” Edward said
(Walks away, Bella standing by her car, Edward stares at her, she stares back, out of control van comes, coming toward Bella, Bella turns around, Edward comes beside her, and stops the van with his hand, Edward looks at Bella, Bella looks back, Edward hops over Bella’s truck Tremble for my beloved by Collective soul plays)
“Bella” lots of random people yell
(People crowd around her yelling lots of stuff)
“Bella I’m so sorry, I panicked” Tyler said
(At hospital, Charlie walks in)
“Bella you ok? You and I are going to talk, you alright?” Charlie asked
(Points at guy driving car)
“I’m fine dad calm down” Bella said
“I’m sorry Bella I tried to stop” Tyler said
“I know its ok” Bella said
“No it sure as hell not ok” Charlie said
“Dad it wasn’t his fault” Bella said
“You could have been killed, you under stand that?” Charlie Asked
“Yes, but I wasn’t, so . . .” Bella said
“You can kiss you license good bye” Charlie said
(Carlisle walks in)
“I heard the chef’s daughter was here” Carlisle said
“Hello, Dr. Cullen” Charlie said
“Charlie” Carlisle said
“I got this one Jimmy, Isabella, well it looks like you took quite a spill how do you feel?” Carlisle asked
“Good” Bella said
“Look here, you might experience some post dramatic stress, disorientation, but your vitals look good, so signs of any head trauma, I think you’ll be just fine” Carlisle said
(Hold up figure, shines slash light at her)
“I’m so sorry I’m really. . .” Tyler said
(Charlie closes blind)
“You know it would have been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn’t there, to knock me out the way” Bella said
“Edward? Your boy?” Charlie asked
“Yeah it was amazing, he got to me so fast he was no where near me” Bella said
“Well it sounds like you were very lucky, Charlie” Carlisle said
(Carlisle leaves, Bella and Charlie walk out of door)
“I got to sign some paper work, you should probably call your mom” Charlie said
“You tell her, she’s probably just freaking out” Bella said
(Turns corner sees Carlisle Edward and Rosily talking, tries to hide)
“Lets talk about what happened” Rosily said
“What was I supposed to do just her die?” Edward asked
“This isn’t just about you, it’s about all of us” Rosily said
“Maybe we should takes this in my office” Carlisle said
“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Bella asked
“Rosily” Carlisle said
(Carlisle takes Rosily away, Edward walks up 2 Bella)
“What?” Edward asked
“How did you get over to me so fast?” Bella asked
“I was standing right next to you Bella” Edward said
“No, you were next to you car across the lot” Bella said
“No I wasn’t” Edward said
“You were” Bella said
“Bella, you hit your head I think your confused” Edward said
“I know what I saw” Bella said
“and what exactly was that? Edward asked
“You stopped the van, you pushed it away with your hand” Bella said
“Well nobodies going to believe you so. . .” Edward said
“I wasn’t going to tell anybody, I just need to know, the truth” Bella said
“Cant you just thank me and get over it” Edward said
“Thank you” Bella said
“your not going to let this go are you?” Edward asked
“No” Bella said
“Then I hope you enjoy disappointment” Edward said
(Bells room, Edward is watching her sleep, Bella wakes up and sees Edward she blinks and he is gone I dreamt of Edward by Carter Burwell starts playing)
That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen.
(At school, field trip)
“I need every ones permission slip, guys lets go” Mr. Molina said.
(Bella looks at dent in the car)
“Look at you hay your alive” Mike said
“I know yeah, facular I guess” Bella said
“You know, I wanted to ask you, if, you know it’s like a month away, you want to go to prom, so what do you think?” Mike asked
(Looks at Edward)
“About what” Bella said
“Do you want to go, to prom, with me?” mike asked
“Oh I, prom, dancing, not such a good idea for me, I have something that weekend any way, I’m going to Jackson Ville that weekend” Bella said
“You can’t go anther weekend?” Mike asked
“None refundable ticket, you should ask Jessica, I know she wants go with you”
(Mike looks a t Jessica, Jessica waves)
“Yeah All right” Mike said
“Come on, we got to go, green is what good, lets go, Eggshells, caret tops, compost is cool, yeah stuff it in there Eric, very good, a stemming cup of compost, ” Mr. Molina said
(Edward laughs, at field trip, pours compost into glass)
“Hay give me that?” Tyler said
“Yeah this is recycling in its most basic form, don’t drink it, it’s for the plants” Mr. Molina said
“What’s in Jackson vile?” Edward asked
“How did you know about that?” Bella asked
“I, you didn’t answer my question” Edward said
“Well you never answer any of mine, so, you don’t even say hi to me” Bella said
“Hi” Edward said
“Are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?” Bella asked
“Yeah, I had an adrenaline rush, its very conmen you can Google it” Edward said
“Great, that’s what you’re injected with” Bella said
(Bella trips, Edward stops Bella from falling)
“Could you at least watch were you walk, look, I’m sorry I’m being rude all the time, I just think it’s the best way” Edward said
(Jessica interrupts)
“Bella, guess who just asked me to prom? Umm yeah, I actually totally thought Mike was going to ask you, it’s going to be wired though right?” Jessica said
(Edward walks away)
“No, zero weirdness, you guys are great together” Bella said
“I know right” Jessica said
“Bella look, it’s a worm, it’s a worm” Eric said
(Eric ad friends laugh)
“Bella we shouldn’t be friends” Edward said
“You really should have figured that out a little earlier, you know, why didn’t you just let the van crush me and save your self all this regret” Bella said
“You think I regret saving you” Edward said
“I can see that you do, I just don’t know why” Bella said
“You don’t know anything” Edward said
“Hi, are you going to be riding with us?” Alice asked
“No our bus is full” Edward said
(Cullen kids get in the bus)
(In house)
“Your mom called again” Charlie said
“Well it’s your fault you shouldn’t have told her about the almost accident, you finished?” Bella asked
“Yeah I suppose your right, she always did know how to worry, she seems different she seems happy, Phil sounds like a alright guy” Charlie said
“Yeah he is” Bella said
(Bella walks away)
“All right” Charlie said
(At school, in lunch room)
“Hay la push baby are you in?” Eric asked
“Should I know what that mean?” Bella asked
“La push beach, down by the populate rose, were all going tomorrow” Blank said
“And there a big wave coming in” Jessica said
“And I don’t just serf the internet” Eric said
“Eric you stood up once and it was a foam bored” Jessica said
“There is whale watching to, come with us” Angela said
“La push baby, its la push” Eric said
“Ok ill go if you stop saying that” Bella said
(All laugh)
“Dude its kind of creepy” Mike said
“What? That’s its name” Eric said
(Bella at food place poking something, Apple falls Edward catches it)
“It’s edible all right, Bella” Edward said
“Thanks, you know your mood swings are kind of giving me whip lash” Bella said
“I only said it would be better if we wert friends that that I didn’t want to be” Edward said
“What dose that mean?” Bella asked
“It means if you were smart, you would stay away from me” Edward said
“Well let’s say for argument sake that I’m not smart, would you tell me the truth?” Bella asked
“No probably not, id rather here your theories” Edward said
“I’ve considered radio active spider and kryptonite” Bella said
“What if I’m not the super hero, what if I’m the bad guy” Edward said
“Your not, I can see what your trying to put off, but I can see its to keep you away from you and it’s a mask, why don’t we hang out? Every on is going to the beach, come, I mean have fun” Bella said
“Which beach?” Edward asked
“La Push” Bella said
“No” Edward said
“Is there something wrong with that beach?” Bella asked
“It’s just a little crowded” Bella said
(At beach, putting on suites)
“We came all the way out here” Jessica said
“We can just hang out” Angela said
“You guys are such babies” Jessica said
“I keep thinking Eric is going to ask me to prom, and he just doesn’t” Angela said
“You should ask him, take control, you are a strong independent woman” Bella said
“I am?” Angela said
“Yes” Bella said
“Angela can you do me up?” Jessica asked
“Yeah” Angela said
(Angela dose Jessica zipper, Jacob Sam and Quill come)
“Bella” Jacob said
“Hay Jacob, you guys this is Jacob” Bella said
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Poèet pøíspìvkù : 607
Age : 30
Location : Kladno
Job/hobbies : Student VŠFS, účetní
Nej kniha : Temeraire, HP, LOTR, Twilight, Bartimeus....
Registration date : 29. 10. 08

PříspěvekPředmět: Re: TWILIGHT SCRIPT   Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:00 pm


“Hay guys” Jacob said
“What are you like stalking me?” Bella asked
“Your on my turf remember?” Jacob asked
“Are you surfing?” Jacob asked
“Defiantly not” Bella said
“Hay you guys should keep Bella company, her date bailed” Jessica said
“What date?” Eric asked
“She invited Edward” Jessica said
“Just to be polite, that’s it” Bella said
“I think its Nice Bella asked him, no one ever dose” Angela said
“That’s because Cullen’s are freaks” Mike said
“You got that right” Quill said
(Jacob looks at quill)
“You guys know him” Bella asked
“The Cullen’s don’t come here” Sam said
(Jacob eats liquorish, Bella ad Jacob walking along beach)
“What did your friends mean, about, the Cullen’s don’t come here” Bella asked
“You caught that huh? I’m not really supposed to say anything about it” Jacob asked
“Hay I can keep a secret” Bella said
(Treaty by Carter Burwell tarts playing)
“Really it’s just like an old scary story” Jacob said
“Well I want to know” Bella said
“Ok did you know that cleats are supposedly decedents of wolf?” Jacob said
“What? Like wolfs, real wolfs?” Bella asked
“Well that’s the legend of our tribe” Jacob said
“Okay so what’s the story about the Cullen’s?” Bella asked
“Well there supposedly descends from this like enemy clan, My grate Grandfather the chef, found them hunting on our land, but they clamed to be something different, so we made a treaty with them, if they promise to stay of cleats land, we wont expose what they really are to the pail faces” Jacob said
“I thought they just moved here?” Bella asked
“Or just moved back” Jacob said
“Yeah well what are they really?” Bella asked
(Here Jessica screaming)
“It’s just a story Bella, come on lets go” Jacob said
(Go to Whalen on a boat he’s singing nomads by Carter Burwell start playing)
“Earl, is that you? John? Charles? Hello” Whelan said
(Stars to drive away with boat, Victoria pull it back)
“Nice Jacket” James said
“Who are you” Whalen said
“It’s always the same questions, who are you” James said
“What do you want?” Victoria asked
“Why are you doing this?” James asked
“James lets not play our food” Laurent said
(James, Victoria and Laurent eat Whalen, Search up stuff on Google at school out side, Bella looking around)
“He’s not here, when ever the weather is nice the Cullen’s disappear” Jessica said
“What they just ditch?” Bella asked
“No, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out, for like hiking and camping and stuff, I tried that out on my parents not even close” Jessica said
“Guys I’m going to the prom with Eric, I just asked him and I took control” Angela said
“I told you that would happen” Bella said
“Are you sure you have to out of town?” Angela asked
“Oh yeah I do, it’s a family thing” Bella asked
“We should go shopping in angels before all the good dresses get cleaned out” Jessica said
“Port angels? Mind if I come?” Bella asked
“Yeah, I need your opinion” Angela said
(In store, I caught my self by paramour starts playing)
“I like this one, but like I don’t know about the one shoulder thing” Jessica said
“Yeah you’re fine, I mean I like the beading, you wouldn’t need jewelry, Jess what do you think lavender? Is that good is that my color, I like that dusty rose one too” Angela said
“Okay I like this one; it makes my boobs look good” Jessica said
(Guys walk by window)
“Nice” one said
“Oh my God” Angela said
“That is uncomfortable” Jessica said
“That’s disgusting” Bella said
“So what do you think” Angela said
“Looks great” Bella said
“You have said that about the last five dresses though” Jessica said
“Well I thought they were all pretty great” Bella said
“You’re not really interested in this are you?” Angela asked
“I actually really just wanted to go to this book store, meet you guys at the restaurant?” Bella asked
“Are you sure?” Jessica asked
“Yeah” Bella asked
“Okay, she is right though this looks awesome” Jessica said
(She is at book store, buys book)
“There you go, have a good night” Pearson at book store said
(Leaves book store, she is walking Humans are predators too by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Saw you in the dress store” Creepy man said
“Where you running to?” Other creepy man asked
(They surround Bella, still saying stuff; Edward comes in his silver Volvo and drives really close to the creepers)
“Get in the car” Edward said
“That was a very dangerous maneuver” Creepy man said
(Edward eyes change color they back off, Edward gets in car drives really close to them drives off)
“I should go back there and rip those guys heads off” Edward said
“No you shouldn’t” Edward said
“You dot know the vile repulsive things they were thinking” Edward said
“And you do?” Bella asked
“It’s not hard to guess, can you talk about something else, distract me so I won’t turn around” Edward said
“You should put your seatbelt on” Bella said
(Edward laughs)
“You should put your seat belt on” Edward said
(At restaurant)
“Guys I’m sorry I just…” Bella said
“Where were you? We left you messages, we waited but we were like starving” Jessica said
“I’m sorry I kept Bella from diner, we just sort of ran into each other and got talking” Edward said
“No, I mean we totally understand that happens right?” Jessica asked
“We were. . .” Angela said
“Yeah we were just leaving so Bella if you want to” Jessica said
“I think I should make sure that Bella gets something to eat, if you like, ill drive you home my self” Edward asked
“That’s so thoughtful” Angela said
“Really thoughtful” Jessica said
“Yeah, I should eat something” Bella said
“Okay so well see you tomorrow” Jessica said
“Okay” Bella said
(Bella and Edward walk into restaurant, Jessica and Angela laugh)
“Okay one mushroom ravioli” Waitress said
(Never think by Robert pattinson starts playing)
“Alright” Bella said
“Yeah no problem, so you sure there isn’t anything I could get you” Waitress said
“No, no thank you” Edward said
“Let me know” waitress said
“You’re really not going to eat?” Bella asked
“No I’m on a special diet” Edward said
“You got to give me some answers” Bella said
“Yes, no, to get to the other side, one point seven seven two five four” Edward said
“I don’t what to know what the square root of pie is” Bella said
“You knew that?” Edward asked
“How did you know were I was” Bella said
“I didn’t” Edward said
“All right” Bella said
(Bella gets up)
“Wait? Don’t leave, stay” Edward said
“Did you fallow me?” Bella asked
“I feel very protective of you” Edward said
“So you fallowed me” Bella said
“I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help, and then I heard what those low lives were thinking. . .” Edward said
“Wait you said you heard what they were thinking, so what? You read mines” Bella said
“I can read every mind in this room apart from yours, Money, sex, money, sex, cat and you nothing, it’s very frustrating” Edward said
(Starts pointing at people)
“Is there something wrong with me?” Bella asked
(Edward laughs)
“See I tell you I can read mines and you think there something wrong with you” Edward said
(Edward looks sad)
“What is it?” Bella asked
“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you any more” Edward said
“Then don’t, ok I think I’m worm enough now, your hand is so cold, wow, what is going on? My dads still here, can you pull in” Bella asked
(Leave restaurant Edward is driving fast, both reach for thing, Bella touches Edwards hand, gives him wired look, here police siring, pulls in)
“That’s my father’s car on the end, what’s he doing here? Carlisle what’s going on here” Edward asked
(See Carlisle walking out of building)
“One of the foragers, found a boat about out in the lake, and they found the body” Carlisle said
“He died? How?” Bella asked
“Animal attack” Carlisle said
“Was it the same one that got that security guard down in mason?” Bella asked
“Most likely” Bella said
“It’s getting closer to town then” Bella said
“Bella you should go inside Whalen was your father’s friend” Carlisle said
“Okay, Ill see you later” Bella said
(Walks inside sees Charlie)
“Hay” Bella said
“Hay” Charlie said
“Dad, I’m really sorry” Bella said
“We’ve been going on thirty yeas, don’t worry were going to find this thing in the mean time, I want you to carry this around with you” Charlie said
(Hands Bella pepper spry)
“I don’t. . .” Bella said
“It will give your old man a piece of mind” Charlie said
“Okay” Bella said
(Takes paper spray)
“Let’s go home” Charlie said
(Bella walks by Edward and he fallows her into the woods I know what you are by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Your impossibly fast and strong, your skin is pail white and ice cold, your eyes change color and sometimes you speak like your from a different time, you never eat or drink anything, you dot go out in the sunlight, how old are you?” Bella asked
“Seventeen” Edward said
“How long have you been seventeen?” Bella asked
“Awhile” Edward said
“I know what you are” Bella said
“Say it, out loud, say it” Edward said
“Vampire” Bella said
“Are you afraid?” Edward asked
“No” Bella asked
“Then ask me the most basic question, what do we eat?” Edward said
“You won’t heart me, where are we going?” Bella asked
(Edward grabs her arm, leading her up the hill)
“Up the mountain, out of the cloud bank, you need to see what I look like in the sun light, this is why we don’t show our self in the sunlight, people would know we were different, this is who I am” Edward said
(Edward throes Bella on his back and they run up the hill, unbutton shirt, sparkles in sun the skin of a killer by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Its like diamonds, you’re beautiful” Bella said
“Beautiful? This is a skin of a killer Bella, I’m a killer” Edward said
(the most dangerous predator by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“I don’t believe that” Bella said
“It’s because you believe a lie, camouflage, I’m the world’s most dangerous predator, every thing about me invites you in, my voice my face, even my smell, as if I wouldn’t need any of that, like you could out run me, like you could fight me off, I was designed to kill” Edward said
(Troughs tree branch)
“I don’t care” Bella said
‘I’ve killed people before” Edward said
“That doesn’t matter” Bella said
“I wanted to kill you, I never wanted a human’s blood so much in my life” Edward said
“I trust you” Bella said
“Don’t” Edward said
“I’m here I trust you” Bella said
(Bella tries to kiss Edward, Edward goes in tree)
“Our family were different from others of our kind, we only hunt animals, we learn to control our thrust but its you, your scent it’s like a drug to me, your like my own personal brand of heroin” Edward said
“Why did you hate me so much when me met?” Bella asked
“I did only from me wanting you so badly, I still don’t know if I an control myself” Edward said
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(Bella climbs tree)
“I know you can” Bella said
(Edward jumps out of tree and behind a rock)
“I can’t read your mind you have to tell me what you’re thinking” Edward said
“Now I’m afraid” Bella said
“Good” Edward said
“I’m not afraid of you, I’m only afraid of losing you, I feel like your going to disappear” Bella said
(The lion fell in love with the lamb by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you, so the lion fell in love with the lamb” Edward said
“What a stupid lamb” Bella said
“What a sick mastitis lion” Bella said
(Lay on grass beside each other, Edward sparkles)
About three things were absolutely positive, first Edward was a vampire, second there was a part of him and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my blood, and third I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him
(Honk, Edward is waiting for her, at school)
“Monty Carlo, that’s our prom theme?” Jessica asked
“Gamboling, tuxedos, and bond, James bond” Eric said
(Edward and Bella pull up in car)
“Oh my god” Angela said
(Spotlight twilight mix by mutemath Edward and Bella get out of car)
“Now every body staring” Bella said
“Not that guy, no he just looked, I’m breaking all the rules now anyway, and science I’m going to hell” Edward said
(Edward puts his arm around Bella, in forest)
“So dose a Pearson have to dyeing to become like you?” Bella asked
“No that’s just Carlisle he would never do this to someone who had no other choice” Edward said
“So how long have you been like this?” Bella asked
(Flash back)
“Scene nineteen eighteen, that’s when Carlisle found me dying of Spanish influenza” Edward said
(Edward screams in pain)
“What was it like?” Bella asked
“But didn’t he just have to bite” Bella asked
“Not exactly, when we taste human blood a sort of frenzy begins, and it’s almost impossible to stop” Edward said
“But Carlisle did” Bella said
(Flash back)
“First with me, then with his wife Esme” Edward said
“Well is Carlisle the real reason you don’t kill. . .” Bella said
“No he’s not the only reason, I don’t want to be the monster, our family we think of our selves as vegetarians, we only survive on the blood of animals, but its like a human only living on tofu, it keeps you strong but it will never fully satisfy, it would be like drinking your blood for instance” Edward said
(Laughs, stops laughing)
“Was it other vampires that killed Whalen?” Bella asked
“Yeah there are others out there, we run into them from time to time” Edward said
“Can the rest of your family read people’s minds like you can?” Bella asked
“No that’s just me, and Alice can see the future” Edward said
“I bet she saw me coming” Bella said
“Alice’s visions are subjective, the future can always change” Edward said
(Bella cleaning car, Edward jumps on car)
“Can you act human? We have got neighbors” Bella said
“I’m going to take you to my place tomorrow” Edward said
(Takes out dent in truck)
“Thanks, wait like with you family” Bella said
“Yeah” Edward said
“What if they don’t like me?” Bella asked
“So you’re worried, not because you will be in a house full of vampires, because you think they wont approve you” Edward said
(Edward laughs)
“I’m glad I amuse you” Bella said
(Edward looks over complications Carter Burwell starts playing)
“What is it?” Bella asked
“Complication, ill pick you up tomorrow” Edward said
(Drives by Billy gives evil glare)
“Hay come to visit you truck?” Bella asked
“Yeah looks good got that dent out” Jacob said
“Yeah” Bella said
“Actually we came to visit your flat screen, first primer game of the season plus Jacob here bugged me about seeing you again” Billy said
“Is that right?” Bella asked
“Thanks” Jacob said
“Jut keeping it real son” Billy said
“I got the beer” Charlie said
“Well done chief, Sue Clearwater homemade fish fry” Billy said
“Any luck with that Whalen case?” Billy asked
“Well I don’t think it was an animal that killed him” Charlie said
“Never thought it was” Billy said
“We got to spared the word out, that there is a killer on the loose” Charlie said
“That sounds good, we don’t want any one else getting heart” Billy said
(Billy looks at Bella, Bella at Cullen’s, Edward opens door for her they walk in dinner with his family by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“This is incredible, so light and open” Bella said
(Edward takes off her coat)
“What did you expect, coffins and dungeons and moats” Edward said
“No, not the moats” Bella said
“Not the moats” Edward said
“This is the one place we don’t have to hide, I told then not to do this” Edward said
(Family is cooking)
“Is she even Italians” Rosily asked
“Her name is Bella” Emmet said
“I’m sure she’ll love it no matter what” Carlisle said
“Get a whiff of that” Rosily said
“Here comes the human, Bella were making Italiano for you” Esme said
“Bella this is Esme my mother” Edward said
“Bonjurno” Bella said
“Mati belle” Esme said
“It’s just an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time” Carlisle said
“I hope you’re hungry” Esme said
“Yeah absolutely” Bella said
“She already ate” Edward said
(Rosily brakes the bowl)
“Perfect” Rosily said
“Yeah, it’s just because I know you guys don’t eat” Bella said
“Of course, that’s really considerate of you” Esme said
“Just ignore Rosily I do” Edward said
“Yeah let’s just keep portending that this isn’t a danger to all of us” Rosily said
“I would never tell anybody, anything” Bella said
“She knows that” Carlisle said
“Yeah well the problem is you two have gone public now” Emmet said
(I would be the meal by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Know she should know, the entire family will be implicated if this ends badly” Rosily said
“Badly as In I would be the meal” Bella said
(All laugh, look at window see Jasper and Alice)
“Hi Bella, I’m Alice” Alice said
(Alice hugs Bella)
“Hi” Bella said
“Oh you do smell good” Alice said
“Alice what are you doing?” Edward asked
“Its ok, Bella and I are going to be in great friends” Alice said
(See Jasper staring another)
“Sorry Jasper is our newest vegetarian, it’s a little difficult for him” Carlisle said
“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Jasper said
“Its ok jasper you won’t heart her” Alice said
“All right I’m going to give her the rest of the tour to out house” Edward said
“Well I see you soon” Alice said
“Okay” Bella said
“I think that went well” Carlisle said
(Esme turns to Rosily)
“Clean this up now” Esme said
“Was as wired for you as it was for me?” Edward asked
“Graduation caps?” Bella asked
“Yeah, It’s a private joke we trick late a lot” Edward said
“Kind of miserable, repeating high school over and over” Bella said
“Sure, But the younger we start out in a new place the longer we get to stay there” Edward said
(In Edwards Room)
“Yeah this is my room” Edward said
“No bed?” Bella asked
“No I don’t sleep” Edward said
“Ever” Bella asked
“No not at all” Edward said
“Ok, you have so much music, what are you listing to” Bella said
(Clicks play, Clair de Lune starts playing)
“It’s a double CD” Edward said
“Clair De Lune is great” Bella said
(They start dancing)
“What?” Edward asked
“I can’t dance” Bella said
“Well I could always make you,” Edward said
“I’m not scared of you” Bella said
“You really shouldn’t have said that, hang on spider monkey, do you trust me?” Edward asked
(Edward throws her over her shoulder runs out the door goes on tree, Edward runs up tree Bella lullaby by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“In theory” Bella said
“Then close your eyes, what?” Edward asked
(Jumps to a different tree, at top of tree Bella is shocked)
“This isn’t real this kind of stuff just doesn’t exist” Bella said
“It dose in my world” Edward said
(They climb up tree, in black smoky room Edward plays piano, see Victoria James and Lorient running, Charlie and other police with dogs, Victoria makes footprint to lead them east, at school)
“Arizona, yo whats happing? You and Cullen huh? I don’t like it, I don’t know, its just he looks at you like your something to eat” Mike said
(At restaurant)
“I got to go, sorry I’m late, biology project” Bella said
“I ordered you the spinach salad its ok” Charlie said
“You should order yourself one next time cut down on the stalk” Bella said
“Hay I’m as healthy as a hoarse” Charlie said
What ever you say chief” Bella said
“The boys want to know did you find any thing down at creates river today?” waitress asked
(Old guys look at Charlie)
“We found a bare human foot print, but it looks like who ever that is there heading east, so the up town count sheriff is going to take over from here” Charlie said
“Okay” Waitress said
“Okay” Charlie said
“I just hope they catch him fast” Waitress said
(Guys dancing by window)
“Looks like your friends are flagging you, okay do you want to go join them, and I’m just going to turn in early anyway” Charlie said
“No” Bella said
“Bella its Friday night, wow, looks like the Newton boy has got a big smile for you” Charlie said
“Yeah he’s a good buddy” Bella said
“What about all these other yahoos in town, anybody your interested in?” Charlie said
“Dad we can talk about boys?” Bella asked
“Yeah I guess not, I feel like I leave you alone too much, you should be around people” Charlie said
“I don’t mind being alone, I guess I’m kind of like my dad in that way” Bella said
(Bella on phone with mom)
“So how is the baseball stuff coming?” Bella asked
“Spring training, were looking to buy a house in case things become more permanent, you would like Jackson vale baby” Rene said
“Yeah I’m really likening forks” Bella said
“What?” Rene asked
“Forks is growing on me” Bella said
“Could a guy have anything to do with that?” Rene asked
“Yeah” Bella said
“Oh my gosh tell me every thing Indian? I bed he’s smart is he smart?” Rene asked
(Bella sees Edward)
“Mom, can I talk to you later?” Bella asked
“Come on we got to talk boys, are you being safe. . .” Rene said
“How did you get in here?” Bella asked
“The window” Edward said
“Do you do that lot?” Bella asked
“Just the past couple of months, I like watching you sleep its kind of fascinating to me, well I just want to try one thing, just stay very still, don’t move, stop” Edward said
(Edward gets very close to her, on top of her, clings to wall)
“I’m sorry” Bella said
“I’m stronger then I thought” Edward said
“Yeah I wish I could say the same” Bella said
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Poèet pøíspìvkù : 607
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Location : Kladno
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“I can ever loose control with you” Edward said
(Edward starts to leave Edward at her bed by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Hay don’t go” Bella said
(Spend all night talking Bella falls asleep on Edward, next day Bella gives Charlie a beer, Charlie is cleaning gun)
“Hay I got you another one” Bella said
“Thanks” Charlie said
“I have a date with Edward Cullen” Bella said
“Isn’t he a little old for you” Charlie asked
“No he’s a junior I’m a junior, I thought you liked the Cullen’s?” Bella said
“I thought you didn’t like any of the boy’s in town” Charlie said
“Edward doesn’t live in town technically, he’s right outside” Bella said
“He is?” Charlie asked
“Yeah he wanted to meet you officially” Bella said
“All right, brig him in” Charlie said
(Cooks gun)
“Could you be nice? Please he’s important, okay” Bella asked
(Charlie draws halo around his head, Bella gets Edward)
“Chief Swan, I want to formally introduce my self I’m Edward Cullen” Edward said
“Hi Edward” Charlie said
“Bella won’t be out to late tonight she’s just going to play baseball with my family” Edward said
“Baseball?” Charlie asked
“Yes sir that’s the plan” Edward said
“Bella is going to play baseball? Well good luck with that” Charlie asked
“Ill take good care of her I promise” Edward said
(Edward walks away)
“Hay still got that pepper spray?” Charlie asked
“Yeah, and science when to vampires like baseball?” Bella asked
(Bella leaves, in car, Edward putting hat on Bella)
“Well it’s the American pass time and there’s a thunder storm coming it’s the only time we can play you’ll see why” Edward said
“I’m glade you’re here we need an empire” Esme said
“She thinks we cheat” Emmet said
“Oh I know you cheat, call them as you see them Bella” Esme said
(Super massive black hole by muse starts playing, Alice looks up)
“Its time” Alice said
(Rosily hits ball with bat)
“Okay now I see why you need the thunder, that’s got to be a home run right?” Bella said
“Edward is very fast” Esme said
(Edward gets ball)
“Your out” Bella said
“Woot oh come on it’s just a game” Emmet said
“Nice kitty” Carlisle said
(Rosily is mad Carlisle pitches Emmet and Edward hit each other)
“What are you doing?” Edward asked
(Jasper pitches, Emmet climb tree)
“My monkey man” Rosily said
“Stop they were leaving until they heard us” Alice said
(See James Victoria and Lorient coming)
“Get your hair down” Edward said
“Like that will help I can smell her half way across the field” Rosily said
“I shouldn’t have brought you here I am so sorry” Edward said
“What?” Bella said
“Just be quit and stand behind me” Edward said
“I believe this belongs to you” Lorient said
(Lorient gives ball to Carlisle)
“Thank you” Carlisle said
“I am Lorient and this is Victoria and James” Lorient said
“I’m Carlisle this is my family” Carlisle said
“Hello” Lorient said
“I’m afraid your hunting activates caused something of a mess for us” Carlisle said
“Our apologies we didn’t realize that the territory had been claimed” Lorient said
“Yes well we maintain a permanent residence near by” Carlisle said
“Really? Well we won’t be a problem any more we were just passing through” Lorient said
“The humans were tracking us but we lead them east you should be safe” Victoria said
“Excellent” Carlisle said
“So could you use three more players? Oh come on just one game” Lorient asked
“Sure why not? A few of us were leaving you can take there place” Carlisle said
“Sure why not? A few of us were leaving you can take there place” Carlisle said
“Well bat first” Carlisle said
(Passes ball to Victoria)
“I’m the one with the wicked curve ball” Victoria said
“Oh I think we can handle that” Jasper said
“We shall see” Victoria said
(Wind blows to James smells Bella)
“You brought a snack” James said
(Cullen family crowds around Bella)
“The girl is with us I think it would be best if you leave” Carlisle said
“I can see the game is over well go now James” Lorient said
“Get Bella out of here go” Carlisle said
(Edward trying to put on your seat belt)
“Okay I got it I’m all right what now he’s coming after me?” Bella said
(Edward drives fast)
“the hunt is an obsession I read his mind my reaction in the filed set him off I think maybe this might be the most exciting game ever its never going to stop” Edward said
“What do we do?” Bella asked
“We have to kill him rip him apart and burn the pieces” Edward said
“Where are we going?” Bella asked
“Away from forks, I’m going to fly you to Vancouver” Edward said
“I have to go home now you have to take me home” Bella said
“You can’t go home, he’s going to trace your scent there it’s the first place hell look” Edward said
“But my dad is there” Bella said
“It doesn’t matter” Edward said
“Yes it dose he could get killed because of us” Bella said
“Just let me get you out of here first all right?” Edward said
“He’s my dad we have to go back well figure out a way to loose the tracker I don’t know we have to do something” Bella said
(At house)
“Edward I said leaves me alone” Bella said
“Bella don’t do this please” Edward said
“It’s over get out” Bella said
(Bella slams door)
“Hay is there trouble what’s going on?” Charlie asked
“I got to get out of here, I’m leaving now” Bella said
(Packing stuff)
“Bella” Charlie said
(Edward is packing Bella stuff)
“What am I going to say to him, I can’t hurt him” Bella said
“Bella what’s going on?” Charlie asked
“You’re just going to have to, ill be down in the truck” Edward said
“Did he hurt you?” Charlie asked
“No” Bella said
“Break up with you or something?” Charlie asked
“No I Brock up with him” Bella said
“I thought you liked him” Charlie said
“Yeah that’s why I have to leave I don’t want this I have to go home” Bella said
(stuck here like mom by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Home you moms not even in Phoenix” Charlie said
“Shell come home ill call her from the road” Bella said
“You’re not going to drive home right now, you can sleep o it if you still feel like going home ill take you to the airport” Charlie said
“No I want to drive it will dive me more time to think if I get really tired ill pull up in a motel I promise” Bella said
“Look Bella I know I’m not that much fun to be around but I can change that we can do more stuff together” Charlie said
“Like what like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner ever night stake and cobbler that you dad that’s not me” Bella said
“Bella come on I just got you back” Charlie said
“Yeah and if I don’t get out now, ill be stuck here like mom” Bella said
(Bella is driving crying Edward jumps on truck)
“Your father is going to forgive you, why don’t you let me drive?” Edward asked
(Drives faster)
“He wont you should have seen his face I told him the same thing that mom told him when she was leaving him” Bella said
“It’s the only way he would let you go just don’t worry about him now he’s safe the tracker is fallowing us, its just Emmet Alice is in the car behind us” Edward said
(Here bam on the truck sees friends laughing, at Cullen house see Lorient Edward hisses)
“Wait he came to worn us about James” Carlisle said
“this isn’t my fight and I have grown tired of his games he’s got unparallel scenes absolutely lethal I’ve never scene anything like him I my three hundred years and the woman Victoria don’t under estimate her” Lorient said
“I fought his kind before not easy to kill but impossible well tear him apart and burn the pieces” Jasper said
“I don’t really approve of killing another creature even an evil one like James” Carlisle said
“What if he kills one of us first” Rosily said
“I’m going to run Bella south to keep the tracker away from you” Edward said
“No Edward James knows you would never leave Bella hell fallow you” Carlisle said
“Ill go with Bella Jasper and I will drive her south ill keep her safe Edward” Alice said
“Cant you keep your thoughts to yourself Rosily Esme could you put these on so the tracker will pick upon the scent” Edward said
(Edward tosses them Bella’s coats Bella is part of the family now by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Why what is she to me?” Rosalie asked
“Rosily Bella is with Edward she’s part of our family now and we protect our family” Carlisle said
(Rosily grabs coat Bella is in car)
“If anything happens to you I swear to god” Bella said
“Bella nothing is going to happing there is seven of us and two of them and when every thing is done ill come back and get you” Edward said
“Yeah” Bella said
“Bella you are my life now” Edward said
(Cars screech off tracking by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“Hay mom its me again you must have let your phone die or something I’m not in forks but ever thing is okay and ill explain later” Bella said
(See Cullen’s running through forest)
“Rosily mark the tree” Edward said
(Rosily rubs coat on tree and smells tree)
“That’s good” Edward said
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Poèet pøíspìvkù : 607
Age : 30
Location : Kladno
Job/hobbies : Student VŠFS, účetní
Nej kniha : Temeraire, HP, LOTR, Twilight, Bartimeus....
Registration date : 29. 10. 08

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(In hotel Alice seeing into future)
“What is it what do you see” Jasper said
(James comes smells tree can smell Rosily turns around)
“He’s figured it out” Edward said
“The tracker he just changed course” Alice said
“Where dose it take him Alice?” Jasper asked
“Mirrors a room full of Mirrors” Alice said
(Jasper gives her pencil and paper she draws a ballet studio)
“Edward said the visions weren’t always certain” Bella said
“She sees the course the people are on while there on them if they change there minds the vision changes” Jasper said
“So the course he on now is going to lead him to a ballet studio?” Bella asked
“You’ve been here?” Alice asked
“I took lessons as a kid the school I went to had an arch just like that” Bella said
“Was your school here in Phoenix?” Jasper asked
“Yeah, Edward are you okay” Bella said
(Bella’s phone rings)
“We lost the tracker but he’s still in the area Rosily and Esme have gone back to forks to protect your father, I’m coming to get but you and I were going to somewhere alone and the others will keep hunting ill do what ever it takes to make you safe again” Edward said
(Bella phone rings)
“Hay mom I’m glade you got my messages what are you doing home” Bella said
“Bella where are you?” Rene said
“Calm down every thing is fine” Bella said
“Bella” Rene said
“Ill explain every thing later mom are you there” Bella said
“Your high school doesn’t protect the student’s privacy very well it was to easy for Victoria to find your previous address it’s a nice house you have here I was prepared to wait for you but then mom came home after she received a very worried call from your dad and it all worked out quite well” James said
“Please wait” Rene said
“Don’t touch her” Bella said
“You can still save her but your going to have to get rid of your friends you handle that” James said
“Where should I meet you?” Bella asked
“How about your old ballet studio and ill know if you bring any one along your poor mommy will pay the price for that mistake” James said
(Bella in taxi in the place of some one I love by Carter Burwell starts playing)
I never thought much about how I would die, but dyeing in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go, so I can’t bring my self to regret the decision that left me face to face with death they also brought me to Edward.
“Bella” Rene said
“Mom” Bella said
“There you are what are you doing in here?” Rene asked
(Opens closet sees television playing home video)
“Hiding” Little Bella said
“You’re a wonderful dancer” Rene said
“Mom I suck” Little Bella said
“You don’t suck” Rene said
(James laughs)
“That’s my favorite part you were a stubborn child” James said
“She’s not even here” Bella said
“No, Sorry but you really mad it too easy so to make it more entreating I thought I would make a film of our time together I borrowed this from your house I hope you don’t mind and action awe this will break Edwards little heart” James said
(James has video camera)
“Edward has nothing to do with this” Bella said
“Awe his rage will make this more interesting part in his feeble attempt to protect you, and let’s continue, beautiful very visual dynamic I choose my bate well to bad he didn’t have the strength to turn you instead he kept you this fragile little human its cool really, tell him to avenge you” James said
(James nocks her agents pole she hits her head it starts bleeding, James likes blood on hand James brakes her leg)
“No Edward don’t” Bella said
“Tell him” James said
(Bella sees Edward, Edward attacks James, James chocking Edward)
“You’re alone your faster then the others, but not stronger” James said
(Edwards face gets crashed into a mirror)
“I’m strong enough to kill you” Edward said
(Edward slams James into floor bored)
“I’m sorry” Edward said
(Edward picks up Bella James pulls them back down, James bites Bella, Bella screaming on floor, family comes they fight James, Edward Bites off James neck)
“Bella” Every one said
“Edward remember who you are” Carlisle said
“It’s okay” Alice said
“Bella needs you” Carlisle said
(Alice smell the blood)
“Carlisle the blood” Alice said
“Your brothers will take care of him” Carlisle said
“We have to set him on fire get the floorboards” Emmet said
“Alice” James said
“Alice no” Edward said
“She’s going to die she’s loosing to much blood” Carlisle said
“No my hand it’s burning” Bella said
“We have no choice its going to change her” Carlisle said
“Its going to happing Edward I’ve scene it” Alice said
“It doesn’t have to be that way” Edward said
“She still has time maybe enough time for her to just change” Carlisle said
(Let me sign Robert Pattinson starts playing)
“What’s my other option” Edward asked
“Tie my Belt above my hands” Carlisle said
(Alice dose it)
“Carlisle” Edward said
“Go” Carlisle told Alice
(Alice cracks James head off)
“You can try to suck the venom out” Carlisle Said
“You know I won’t be able to” Edward said
“You will find the will to stop it’s the only way to make this right” Carlisle said
“Ill make it go away” Edward said
(Edward sucks blood, Bella stops screaming Edward can’t stop)
“Edward stop her blood is clean you killing her Edward stop, find the will” Carlisle said
Death is peaceful easy life is harder
(Bella is in hospital)
“Bella” Rene said
“Mom where is he where is Edward” Bella said
“He’s asleep he never leaves and your dad is down in the cafeteria” Rene said
“What happened?” Bella asked
“Well you fell and you Brock your leg and you lost a lot of blood you don’t remember any of this do you? Edward came down with his dad to try and convince you to come back to forks you went over to there motel and you tripped and you fell down two flights of stairs went trough a window” Rene said
“Well that sure sounds like me” Bella said
“Oh honey I’m sorry Its Phil he’s so worried about you” Rene said
(Rene’s phone rings)
“Your texting” Bella said
“Finally yeah so were going to stay down in Florida honey you are going to love Jackson vile bell its sunny every day and we found the cutest little house ad you get your own bathroom” Rene said
“Mom I still want to live in forks” Bella said
“What?” Rene asked
“I want to live in forks” Bella said
“Okay but we will talk about it” Rene said
“Do you mind getting dad? I have to talk to him apologize” Bella said
“Okay baby ill go get him and ill go get a nurse okay” Rene said
“What happened where is James?” Edward asked
“We took care of him and the woman Victoria she ran off” Edward said
“I’m alive because of you” Bella said
“No you’re in here because of me the worst part is I though I wasn’t going to be able to stop” Edward said
“You did stop” Bella said
“Bella you got to go to Jackson vile so I can’t hurt you any more” Edward said
“No what are you saying what are you talking about you want me to go away I cant” Bella said
“I know” Edward said
“We can’t be apart you can’t leave me” Bella said
“I’m here” Edward said
“Okay you just can’t say thing like that to me ever” Bella said
“Where else am I going to go?” Edward asked
(Edward kisses her forehead, at house prom Bella has a cast walking down stairs)
“Alice lent we the dress and the cast is” Bella said
“Perfect ill take care of her chief swan” Edward said
“I’ve heard that before bells I got you another can of pepper spray in you bag” Charlie said
“Dad” Bella said
“And you look beautiful” Charlie said
“Thanks” Bella said
(Edward leaves to park car)
“Bella” Jacob said
“Jacob hay” Bella said
“Nice” Jacob said
“You to, are you crashing the prom or something are you coming to the dance” Bella said
“No my dad paid me to come talk to you twenty bucks” Jacob said
“Okay lets here it” Bella said
“Just don’t get mad okay he wants you to break up with your boy friend it’s just he said quote we will be watching you” Jacob said
“Okay well tell him thanks” Bella said
“Okay” Jacob said
“And to pay up” Bella said
(Bella starts to get up)
“Here let me help you” Jacob said
“Jacob ill take it from here” Edward said
“I guess ill see you around Bella” Jacob said
(Edward and Jacob give each other evil look)
“I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend” Edward said
“I can’t believe you making me do this” Bella said
“Smile” Edward said
(People take there picture go all the way into twilight by Perry farell starts playing sees friend Eric is Déjŕ with there dates Bella tells Jessica her boobs looks good)
“Wow your really trying to kill me” Bella said
“Prom is an important right of passage I wouldn’t want you to miss it, want to go” Edward said
“Yeah” Bella said
“All right slowing it down” Eric said
(Bella and Edward on gazebos flightless bird American mouth by iron & wine starts playing)
“Shall we?” Edward asked
“Your series” Bella said
“Oh why not, see your dancing” Edward said
(They start dancing)
“At prom, Edward why did you save me I mean you should have let the venom spread I could be like you by now” Bella said
“You don’t know what you’re saying you don’t want this” Edward said
“I want you always” Bella said
“I’m not going to end your life you” Edward said
“I’m dying always every second I getting closer” Bella said
“That’s the way it’s supposed to be” Edward said
“Alice said she saw me like you I heard her” Bella said
“Her visions change” Edward said
“Based on what people decide I’ve decided” Bella said
“That’s what you dream about becoming a monster?” Edward asked
“I dream about being with you forever” Bella said
“And you’re ready right now?” Edward asked
“Yes” Bella said
(Edward bends down going to bite her neck, kisses it)
“Is it not enough to just have a long and happy life with me?” Edward said
“Yes for know” Bella said
No one would surrender tonight but I wont give in I know what I want
(Continue dancing see Victoria in window watching them dance gets mad takes down hair walks down stairs goes to credits Radiohead 15 steps starts playing)

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PříspěvekPředmět: Re: TWILIGHT SCRIPT   Sun Feb 22, 2009 6:48 pm

no teda, perfektní.. díky Wink

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nemas zac, vazne si myslim, ze prekladat to je hloupost, kazdy to jiste zvladne sam, jestlize videl film nebo cetl knihu
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Poèet pøíspìvkù : 456
Age : 29
Location : Třebíč
Job/hobbies : Student / Computer Graphics, Music, Movies, English
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jj, určitě.. hned jsem si udělal komplet PDF.. vždycky, když na něco narazím, můžu se podívat, co to vůbec říkali Smile
(vážně tam je "thoughtful" Big Grin , pořád tomu nemůžu uvěřit, co? ale jo, už si to začínám pomalu komolit do jejich podoby)

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fakt super diki.....urcite povedali ked sa Emmet s Edom zrazili v ,,bejzbalovej,, scéno what ere you doing?.......mne to skor znelo ako for example.....like you smirk ( pochhopene ako ..nejako sa skľabíš) ... ale mozno som taky hluchá.... ale urcite cool
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